2022 carding

  1. onennay

    Carding 2022 methods still hitting 💯💯💯

    Year has almost ended and I must say it’s been a beautiful year. All methods are still hitting . As a December bonus, you get DSW method free when you purchase any method. All methods have been put together in a pack at a discounted price too . So you can purchase singles or the pack. This is...
  2. onennay

    Carding 2022 hitting stores (proof attached)

    These stores are still hitting 💯💯💯💯💯. Great profits made 1. apple.com pickup and shipping (worldwide) 2. Luisaviaroma.com (worldwide) 3. Lg.com 4. Designer perfume site 5. Refurbished electronics site There are other stores too are available HMU on telegram if interested. Telegram link below...
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