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  1. CleopatraCC

    Market Cleopatra CCđź‘‘ | Best CC Shopđź‘‘ | Rare Binsđź‘‘ | Fast Supportđź‘‘ | Autocheckđź‘‘ | Refundđź‘‘ | Ref Systemđź‘‘

    đź‘‘Cleopatra CC Shop đź‘‘ - NEW CC'S/FULLS SHOP ! - WE UPDATE EVERYDAY ! - DAILY UPDATES - MINIMUM valid rate 80-95 % ! đź‘‘đź‘‘đź‘‘ - USA - EUROPE - ASIA CC'S & FULLS CHEAP PRICES ! Payment methods: Bitcoin LTC USDT đź‘‘Cleopatra CC Shopđź‘‘ Terms & Conditions as well as replacement policy are...
  2. EMVSwiperNOburning

    Carding 2023 NONVBV LIST UPDATED

    This is my NONVBV list for 2023 as of now. Check it out and comment if you have success or fails so I can edit it. At the time I am posting this, there may be some bins that do not belong here. If you guys want to let me know I will update it. This is a collection from the last six...
  3. Cr0wl


    542418 473702 440066 549198 438857 414720 434256 473703 542432 414709 Are these bins non-vbv? And what are good non-vbv bins to use?
  4. hacknfrd

    non VBV big bin list 2020

    Friends I want to share with you guys this bin list I have been updating for years. For the people that dont know or dont understand what non vbv bins are , basically are bins that dont have AVS - address verification system so your orders should have better or more success rate. You can...
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