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    Search Black Data Science. According to screenshots, logs, text massifs. CC/CVV requests.

    ========================================== Black Data Science, as well as ... - development of logs, text arrays for CC/CVV; - reading by neural network from screenshots of data on CC/CVV; - Validation CC/CVV, transformation into the format of checks, shops; - custom requests; - other...
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    Search CC/CVV data validation. Transformation into the format of checks, shops.

    ========================================== CC/CVV data validation, Transformation into the format of checks, shops. Including: - Checking the CC for compliance with the Luna algorithm; - determination of the state by ZIP; - determination of the city by zip; - Breaking NAME into Firstname and...
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    Search Python programmer. Base processing. Data science. Neural networks. Multiprocessing and multithreading.

    ====RUS==== Услуги. Python программист. Обработка баз. Data Science. Нейронные сети. Мультипроцессинг и многопоток. Направление: Предоставляю услуги кодера, датасайнтиста. Обработка баз данных: черных, серых, фиолетовых. Полный цикл ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). Data Science. Стэк: Python...
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