1. E

    Looking for US Logs!!! (need logs fresh with gmail's datas)

    I want to buy LOGS mostly for the Gmail's that are fresh and active. used to buy botnet logs on Infinity shop but they have closed. @FATHER121 sold me one but they were 3-4 days old and already hit like a b**ch i need fresh
  2. Z

    Bot net files

    Hey I’m looking for Australian botnet files for sales. If anyone is selling Australian redline stealer log files I’m keen to buy in bulk. Hit up my telegram is - Audballahh
  3. LegendKiller666

    First time poster :) this a good forum to gain/share knowledge from and grab copies for bank statements, dl, ssn, etc? Botnets?

    Hey guys been researching on the deepwebs and stumbled upon this forum. From a brief review it seems their are legit sellers here compared to other carding forums and people here are more moderate to experienced. Is their any marketplace to buy botnets or logs with cookies + fingerprint now...
  4. processor


    UNDERGROUND - BULLETPROOF SERVERS Hi, we glad offer different servers for any task. If you need server for botnet, malware, brute, NL BRUTE, z668, scan, phishing, fakes or any other task, please, welcome! Below you can find most popular configuration of virtual and dedicated servers. If you...
  5. th3darkly

    Lucifer v.1.2 HTTP Botnet || Stealer & Grabber

    Lucifer v.1.2 HTTP Botnet || Stealer & Grabber Private New Version 2019 [ X Hunter v.3 ] New Trojan From The Libya Underground ------------------------------------------------------- Grabber Browser Password recover stored web login passwords from following browsers Firefox Google Chrome...
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