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  1. ogvon

    Paying out 200 to anyone that can bypass KYS selfie verification.

    Real simple. 200 to every account that you create through bypassing KYS selfies. Will send you the link of the vendor account you need to create. Message og_von on telegram with "Can bypass KYS selfie, let's create some vendor accounts". Also provides the opportunity to work for our team...
  2. Try2CheckMe

    Market TRY2CHECK - Legendary OG CC/Dumps Checking Service

    We are back public with our completely re-made Try2CheckMe Services! What's new: - Speed of checking process for your cards and dumps increased x100! - New methods to make bank believe it's legit transactions - Real world merchants only! No donations, no test accounts, no fake. - More formats...
  3. ogvon

    Pure VPN the best VPN. Prove me Wrong. FREE FRAUD BIBLE.

    Reply/Like for a link to the Full Fraud Bible. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** **Limited Time Offer** Cards Debit and Credit: $25 per card [Stolen from Expedia Batch] Cashapp Glitch Ready 11/8: $50 per Cashapp...
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