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    FREE DUMPS!!!!!!! получите услугу, которую вы заслуживаете

    🇨🇦🏧🇨🇦🏧🇨🇦🏧🇨🇦🏧🇨🇦🏧 I do not sell cloned cards only dumps & CVV You have to clone cards yourself for it to work (don't fall for any scammer selling CLONE's its fake) Here is couple free dumps 😀 #326705 BIN_472409_220_2_D_1068 12.01.2022 09:20 PM 4724090261636980=23022202706010000001=TD...
  2. bredtoMSR

    hey looking for a partner

    looking to expand my shii i need someone whos been doing clones for a long time that i could work with my tele is @bredtoMSR you will need to bring stuff to the table trust me its going to be worth it
  3. Z

    Serious Guy to Cashout your dumps

    Hi everybody, I m new at the forum but i m very serious guy. I can to cashout your d+p in atm. Bases is 30/70 to guys dont know me, For First partner only. Payment 12hours by wu, moneygram or btc. We can to cashout in all the europe and turkey. We are actualy ready to work right now...
  4. F

    Carding EMV software

    Hi all, I was looking for EMV software and found this site. I want to have your opinion about this please. http://emv.cybercrime-tracker.net/
  5. A

    Lets Cashout your Dumps

    because im so bored covid lockdown I will Cashout your Dumps in asia ( +62 ) , ill send your money using WU, BTC, or other. lets make a deal
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