1. Chargen19

    Carding User Guide Card Reader Demo.

    Folks see the link and run it on virustotal for some people thats phishing conscious. dont throw too many questions if you dont believe the formula oki? ciao! https://anonfiles.com/Pcqe58Y7p3/Magneti...0_2021_pdf i uploaded it to anon file for some people thats conscious with their security...
  2. HideMyIP

    Market Dumps, Pros, Business Pros, Cc’s On Deck

    Got everything on deck tap in 💯 hit my tele @breezodumpz
  3. 5

    track2= NFC

    does any know how i could convert track 2 data into NFC for contactless payment through my phone i have lotts of dumps new this this and cant gt my 201s to swipe even after ive entered the last four of the card correct
  4. playboicardi

    1st time going instore dumping any ADVICE

    Hello Members of crdprocc. I want to touch on a few topics regarding in store carding, printing cards etc... I couldn't find anything I'm the topics posted so I thought I'd do the honours. I must add that I'm in Canada and ATMs with no chip are non existent. 1) When I'm printing a template to a...
  5. T


    Do anybody know the fallback swipe limit or what banks don’t limit fallback swipes
  6. Chargen19

    Other Track 2 of dumps.

    Disclaimer: these can be found in an onion site for an onion URL. If you do not know what your are doing, please ask for assistance to anyone you trust. "The point to note here is that Track 1 data is sufficient information when dealing with card dumps. It contains enough information to be...
  7. Chargen19

    Formula and service codes for dumping track 101, 201 and 203.

    SERVICE CODES The value of the service code (101, 201, 203 etc...) determines where the cards are suitable to use and in what way. 4802394718492472=141210111009248 - bold section is the service code on a dump. First digit (Usage Variables): - 1xx: Worldwide use, usually doesnt have a smart...
  8. P


    What’s the best dump shop if I wanted 201 dumps brand new fresh from same day who gets new dumps every day need it to by pass arcq who can help me with the best shop that updates new dumps every day
  9. V

    I need a serious provider/partner with dumps + pin (I can cashout 201 dumps)

    I NEED SERIOUS PARTNER I have EMV Software to write chip cards and cashout any dumps+pin, 201, 221, 226, 206, etc. Only serious people, NO RIPPERS PLEASE. I do not pay in advance, work only by 50%-50% My ICQ: 627405917
  10. M

    Fullz/Pro’s/CVV/Docs/Bank Logs/Bank Drops

    Vendor looking for new customers Fresh fullz and pros with DL # & Scans (REQUEST ANY STATE) Full Credit Report/BG Checks Bank Drops & Bank Logs (Several Banks Available) Fullz + CVV’s Verified PayPal Accounts BTC only I have proof of sales from several other sellers NO Scams No Ripping...
  11. F


    This tutorial is just to start you off with instore carding, most basics and a few tips. Before i start, i’d like to analyze carding terms we will use throughout this tutorial. DUMPS Dumps are tracks 1 & 2 or only track2, no adress, no name, no nothing. Just 2 lines of numbers/signs. Here’s an...
  12. D


    Store Link UPDATED [ BEST QUALITY STUFF ] Trump Dumps Hi dear forum's users! We glad to represent you our private service of selling high quality dumps from first hands! Only sniffed and hacked stuff. Registration is open for now. When we reach needed quantity of clients registration will...
  13. polduason

    Thank you very much for your interest in my innovative services.

    clone card & Secured shipping tunnel cc Fullz & random Infos – 99% valid cards Dumps with pin track 1&2 101 201 Western Union money transfer services Bank Transfer – Bank Login PayPal transfer – PayPal account verified Gift Card Itune – Amazon – Ebay Etc Electronics...
  14. C

    Chipso EMV

    THE NOTORIOUS CHIPSO EMV IS NOW PUBLIC No longer does it cost full price of 10k. Pay only a fraction of retail price and its yours to keep. Fully functional, includes the 2 keys needed for the program to run, manual from original manufacturers, and of course the chipso software itself. All...
  15. Z

    Instore Dumps Approval ill pay $100

    Hey i been using dumps for 2 moths now just experimenting with different bins, in U.S.A going to many stores. stores that has swipe only always work aslong as the card is good when i go to a self check out kiosk at McDonald or tacobell using the 3 dip method it goes through and gets the approval...
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