emv x2.5

  1. carderbb

    Remove malwares from software

    hey i managed to get my hand on a file, which is supposed to be the daphne tool. but i think its infected by much malware and seems that it cant run in a vm, so dont want to touch it myself. if anybody think they can and want to try to remove the malware from the file, send me a dm with you...
  2. carderbb

    emv x2.5 and atr 2.0

    I found a rar pack on another forum which contains x2.5 and atr tool and alot of ist files. the problem is this is PACKED with malware (worms,trojans,ransomware) so i was hoping someone in here could try to remove these viruses. BE CAREFUL WHEN OPENING THIS RUN IN A VM *** Hidden text: You do...
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