1. vanon

    DeFi exploits?

    I'm looking for someone who knows their way around Solidity and smart contracts. There are various exploits, like uniswap re-entries, and others, that I'm curious as to if it's still possible to exploit (I can PM specifics). If not on uniswap, then on possible forks, like Sushi. Also, maybe on...
  2. Chargen19


    The most epic corruption scam of the year!!! https://zakupki.gov.ru/epz/order/notice/ea44/view/common-info.html?regNumber=0373100127221000006
  3. Chargen19

    Cit0day exploit.

    ** 0day UAC bypass exploit https://bytecode77.com/hacking/exploits **Reverse Shell Generator https://0day.exposed/reverseshell/ **Windows Installer File Read 0day (Click to enlarge) Days ago, as usual I was reading some google project zero bugs. Then I found this one by James Forshaw about an...
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