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    I am looking for good hacker that can teach me how to Spam (Hack email, bank account, social media account etc) I also want to learn how to use Cpanel, how to use scampage and learn Methods of Spamming. I will pay for the tutorial… serious hacker please contact me My telegram id is...
  2. CasinoMasterKey

    FRESH ScamPages For Sale (SPAM YOUR OWN LOGS) 💎💎

    Plenty of Scampages available for instant use on any phishing campaign. I have carefully prepared them so that they look clean and valid. My clients have already had some success with using them to spam for logs If you are interested and want to learn more about phishing, hit me up on...
  3. ElChapoSin

    Instagram Hacking - Reset Password for any IG user id and access

    Hack Any Instagram Account This Vulnerability is exploited by my private script to generate the reset password link for any instagram account and then access it comfortably Video Proof: https://streamable.com/0ckumk https://t.me/kimaruceo
  4. G


    If anyone needs carding help beginner or pro I can offer some help. Anything from specific bins to hit or complete tutorial for noobies. I swipe thousands each day, Im professional. Stop wasting your time with "clone cards" and scammers, come get put on from real swiper...
  5. G

    CHEAP LOGS valid

    🔥UHQ paypal logs $2 ea available https://www.poof.io/@thotslayer21 LIMITED STOCK!! join chat https://t.me/+ew8GTf2SAs4zYjcx
  6. G

    $2 logs wtf

    🔥UHQ paypal logs available https://www.poof.io/@thotslayer21 LIMITED STOCK!! join chat https://t.me/+ew8GTf2SAs4zYjcx
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  8. DoctorCaT

    Carding Using a security bug in DeFi Flash Loans protocols

    Flash Loan Hacks In 2017, during a DAO, decentralized autonomous organization, hack, multiple protocols were 51% attacked for the users profit. The 51% attack happens on the blockchain network when a user can get control of most of the hash rate (over 50%) and have enough power to modify or...
  9. Chargen19

    Search A team offers.

    A team of cybersecurity experts offers the following services: 0. Security Assessment. You provide a list of IP addresses and our team identifies the maximum number of vulnerabilities without going deep into the internal infrastructure in case of exploitation. 1. External Penetration Test. You...
  10. Z

    Phishing page

    Looking for someone to make me a phishing page for suncorp bank. There's heaps of $$ to be made. Telegram - zeebee2
  11. Chargen19


    LEARNING HACKING? This was mentioned in a long lost post. You can do two things to learn. Watch youtube and learn the tools, but you have no real idea what you're doing. This puts you at the bottom of the hacking food chain. Or you can spend days, weeks and months reading, testing, exploiting...
  12. Chargen19

    Offtop Hacker's Dictionary

    Hacker's Dictionary Are you new to the realm of hacking? Do you feel dumb when you don't know the meaning of a certain term?Well, then this will certainly help you out! . If you are ever unsure about anything, simply scroll down and find that specific word, then read the definition. Anything...
  13. Chargen19

    Offtop All about JUST everything.

    What line of business are you in? This is what I'm into...
  14. NinjaBlack

    Stuff Fake ID pickup service NinjaBlack!

    Hey everyone from Ninja Black! ~ You all know - WHO WE ARE. We are the most honest and experienced Fake ID pick up service in USA.We've been on the market for more than 4 years now, and everything began with those words: "New fake id pickup service "NinjaBlack" is open for business ,in the...
  15. A

    Free unlimited brazzer account

    Fresly leak brazzer account with email and password,extracted from the database https://link-to.net/163146/brazzerdatabase
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