1. klapaucius

    .IST Files

    Hi guys, i'm new here and this is my first post... I'm reading and understanding how this cc world works... About .ist files, I have some questions and hope you guys can help me. The only way to get a .ist file is getting the physic card and extracting with a software? If i can't get those...
  2. K

    ATM Cashout issues

    Hello all, Im cloning my own card for the first time and im having troubles when i want to cashout. I found maybe the issues by searching but i need your point of view. I generated an .IST with the clean card and after burning, i can see in cardpeek that all the records are not written...
  3. Z

    Anyone know what to do with .CT files?

    anyone know how can i use .ct files? i got a bunch with a small list of ist.
  4. S

    Docs IST Files

    yoo I'm looking for the 2021 1000 IST files but I've been searching for way too long, can anyone be willing to send me the files please?
  5. Z

    Where to find a solid list of IST Files to download?

    I've been searching far and wide for a good list of IST files to download. I have ATRtool but need a place or a connection that could get a large list of IST's Probably already asked a bunch of times. I have been looking on ebay for card to match the BIN but nothing is matching. I know someone...
  6. S


    I am new to cloning and I need help obtaining and generating IST's from different countries. Also looking for any help/guidance with all of it as I am fairly new, any help I will give you a % of my profit when I cash out
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