1. Z

    Who's the official seller of Redline Stealer on telegram?

    As the title states
  2. Chargen19

    OpenDir for malware related topics.

    MalwareWatch Software Repository. Download free software from a reliable source. The password to every archive is mysubsarethebest.
  3. OM3RTA

    HI im looking for a better RAAS (RANSOMWARE AS A SERVICE)

    HI im looking for a better RAAS, i already have one provider, but im looking for a better one to improve my profit. If u know some specialized forum or some telegram contact let me know. Thanks


    ???Malware ??? POS Machine Malware -POSidon = $650 -X4D = $250 Ransomware -Cronoz Ransomware v3 = $750 (worm / Ransomware) -ARE$-989 = $2500 (worm / Ransomware) Worm ? -Venus = $500 -VX56 = $250 Advanced Key Logger -zumzum = $450 (Note All Malware Comes With Source Code Or I Charge...
  5. Z

    Bot net files

    Hey I’m looking for Australian botnet files for sales. If anyone is selling Australian redline stealer log files I’m keen to buy in bulk. Hit up my telegram is - Audballahh
  6. carderbb

    Remove malwares from software

    hey i managed to get my hand on a file, which is supposed to be the daphne tool. but i think its infected by much malware and seems that it cant run in a vm, so dont want to touch it myself. if anybody think they can and want to try to remove the malware from the file, send me a dm with you...
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