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    Black List MaaterOv is a ripper

    don't shop with Masterov. sold me restricted penfed accounts and Kept replacing with more restricted penfed accounts after taking weeks to reply.. boy wouldn't even refund me 75 lil bucks after sending dead ass drops Ripper. do not use him his telly is @masterovreal he's also on database.
  2. masterov

    Masterov Here From Infinity to offer same service

    Hi there , Since we all know infinity is gone now . I am here if anyone needs my service let me know my telegram is @masterovreal MY SERVICES : - BANK LOGS WITH RDP SETUP AND (EMAIL ACCESS/NOT) CHASE | WELLS FARGO | CITIZENS | 53 - PAYPAL ACC AGED OR FRESH WITH RDP - BANK DROPS : WELLS FARGO...
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