1. bighomie

    emv cloning question

    I just cloned my first j2a040 card to a 201 dump(havn't tested it out yet) via x2 5.1 and an omnikey 3121. do I need to also encode the track data to the magnetic stripe also to cashout @ atm? or is the chip the only one I need to encode? thnx in advance brahhs!!!
  2. bighomie

    Carding cloning attempt... HELP PLZ!!

    I have MCR200 X2.5 software, along with all the other programs. but I am having problems with getting my jcopenglish/jcophirolive programs to actually function. they don't seem to be reading my mcr200 or something. I have installed the drivers for my computer to read it. but it never seems...
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