1. psy0p

    Carding HOW TO SPOT A RIPPER (actually noob friendly)

    ¡Hola mis amigos estafadores! Today's lesson: Stop giving rippers money! More likely than not, in your search for the secrets of dark side, you've come across somebody, usually on telegram, who seems to be a master of fraud. An expert in everything, from carding, the hacking, spamming...
  2. S

    Black List MaaterOv is a ripper

    don't shop with Masterov. sold me restricted penfed accounts and Kept replacing with more restricted penfed accounts after taking weeks to reply.. boy wouldn't even refund me 75 lil bucks after sending dead ass drops Ripper. do not use him his telly is @masterovreal he's also on database.
  3. B


    Same story as another member here, I saw an ad for them here on Crdpro so I gave them a look, bought a wells log for $150... as soon as he recieved the money, havent't heard a word from him since, even though he's still active online posting his bullshit fake logs. STAY AWAY! The admins here at...
  4. Darkmoneyyy


    Dear forum members, I dealt with a vendor (VanessasierrA TG @ vanessasierra) for a CC. As this was our first deal and i was dealing with this guy for my client. I offered him that I will pay him 10$ for the CC, and once I get the details I will add rest amount into his address i.e. 15$, so the...
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