1. CasinoMasterKey

    FRESH ScamPages For Sale (SPAM YOUR OWN LOGS) đź’Žđź’Ž

    Plenty of Scampages available for instant use on any phishing campaign. I have carefully prepared them so that they look clean and valid. My clients have already had some success with using them to spam for logs If you are interested and want to learn more about phishing, hit me up on...
  2. G

    I can create a replica(scam page) of any site you want..

    I can create scam page for you to get fullz. Just bring me your desired site you want phish. Contact me: Telegram: @xmrlife54 Session id: 05be6462983e2f8fa64ac2c36f68b94d7bac88c800081137d373745d8cb6e6533c Price: (Depends on your desired site.) No more than $45.
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