self registered

  1. Swipe_G0D

    Self Registered Accounts/Bank Drops

    Crdpro Fam, Hello something that I have not scene discussed is self registerd accounts/ bank drops we have all scene talks about opening up drops or purchasing the self registered accounts from the verified vendors here on crd pro but something that I have yet to see is what it takes to use...
  2. TheRealTay

    📈🗳️🗂️ TLO LOOKUPS FULL PDF | DOCUMENTS + PS Edits | CPN Tuts + Advice+ Trades | Open Ups (Self Registered) 📈🗳️🗂️

    I AM BACK GUYS!! ID (front n back) Schedule Docs Leases Utility Bills W2’s ADP Paystub/check stub Proof of Insurance Bank Statements Receipts’s Socials front and back I HAVE LOCATE PLUS (SIMILAR TO TRANSUNION XP) LOOKUP SERVICES (Look at PDF Example Below) SSN TLO FULL REPORT...
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