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    ID cards scans(front+back) with/without selfie + email..

    I have Bulgarian id scans (front and back picture), with / without selfie. Price: id scan + email = 10 USD. id scan + email + selfie = 15 USD Payment: Bitcoin, Monero. pm for proof. Contact here or: Session id: 05be6462983e2f8fa64ac2c36f68b94d7bac88c800081137d373745d8cb6e6533c
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    Interested in buying some documents (selfie, DL, ID, statements).

    Hello mates, I'm interested in finding some guys to work with in regards to supplying HQ selfie, DL, ID, statements and maybe more. You will have to prove your quality (account approved using provided docs) on the first deal before getting paid. Long term steady work! Cheers!
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