Carding Terms for NOOBS 2023 EasyMadeViaEMV Brought to you by: Hey there young bucks, we are new to this forum but not new to this hobby. My team and I have been best friends since '84, and this was our favorite pastime. Although it looks like a lot has changed over the...
  2. C

    Carding how to spot a fake skimmer seller

    so, after having an unpleasant experience with a seller on this forum i decided to write a guide on how not to get tricked by those so called skimmer manufacturers first of all, based on your experience, you need to know what atm you wanna hit, the ones that you just dip the card in or the...
  3. bighomie

    Carding emv shimmer tutorial NEEDED!

    I've been looking around online at emv skimmer/shimmers and have came to the conclusion that I'd like to see if I can make my own before I go pay 1000+ on these thangz. I habe soldered before but not exactly the most knowledgable on pcb and circuit board building etc. I wish there was a kit...
  4. Chargen19

    Low-cost RFID skimmer. How to do? Here.

    Its attached on this post. Goodluck building your own RFID skimmer!
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