1. G


    If anyone needs carding help beginner or pro I can offer some help. Anything from specific bins to hit or complete tutorial for noobies. I swipe thousands each day, Im professional. Stop wasting your time with "clone cards" and scammers, come get put on from real swiper...
  2. Pawi177

    Spam your own cards

    Tired of depending on cc shops and getting scammed over and over again with low quality shitty cards that are passed around more than a hood rat? Just spam your own. Contact me on telegram @NZXT01 for live support. Don’t trust any other they will scam you and give you some shitty tutorial on...
  3. Pawi177

    (LEADS) Do you spam?

    Want to stop paying over price leads on spamming, and maximize your profit, just make your own ones. I am selling a phone generator with specific area codes you can edit (so you can geo target), and fastest most reliable phone checker with carrier name and checks if it has an amazon account or...
  4. Lincoln

    [Spam] CND mailer - The cheapest no-spam mailer in the Market

    Mailer available: Custom domain name of your choice No Spam folder all mails land inbox Minimum: 16800 mails/day Maximum: 500,000 mails/day Custom letters and Scampages available too. Pm for details. ? Admin Escrow is more than welcome ? Or contact:
  5. B

    Spammers or Log Grabbers

    I'm looking for USA spammers or bank log grabbers for long term partnership, we split all successful cash outs accordingly. hmu on tele @iBinHItHer
  6. M

    Looking for spammer

    I have bank drops and other services I’m in need of a spammer that can provide logs.
  7. Nickv6mps

    HOW TO MAKE MONEY! (Spamming,bank logs, slips, canada and usa).

    Hi, Yall prolly know real methods are expensive asf. I bought one for 1500$ and the site was 1000$. My plug told me everything. therfore, I am willing to sell it for 500$. I have already been a begginner and ik it sucks. It might be a little bit more expensive, but It is better then buying ten...
  8. sefcu

    Market Sells of USA_Bank Info Tor: http://i5llnq2vuv7in7kmgmw26kxlxxso3f46xhzhlghimefw62r3nboantid.onion

    Tor: http://i5llnq2vuv7in7kmgmw26kxlxxso3f46xhzhlghimefw62r3nboantid.onion Invite Code: iLYN0EUYlyFguiI Dear users of this forum, we are glad to welcome, get acquainted, and introduce you to our trading platform. Now a little about the assortment that you will find with us...
  9. A

    Looking for Australian bank logs

    Yo I’m looking for someone to supply me with Australian bank logs or files consistently. I’m happy to buy files or we split takings. I’m the only guy in Australia who can bypass sms and cash Aussie logs. I’ve attached some proof of my work just from this last week. The btc accounts are btc I’ve...
  10. U

    UK Spammer/Spoofers

    If your from the UK and you spam DM your ICQ/Telegram. ?✅
  11. x_mode

    Help with bulk sms

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a program or service to send bulk SMS. I need to send 500K messages. I need a program or service (from the company or from a person) to send 500k messages. I checked the services that were mentioned in the "link", but they are not suitable for me. Can someone...
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