1. G

    I can create a replica(scam page) of any site you want..

    I can create scam page for you to get fullz. Just bring me your desired site you want phish. Contact me: Telegram: @xmrguy54 Session id: 05be6462983e2f8fa64ac2c36f68b94d7bac88c800081137d373745d8cb6e6533c Price: (Depends on your desired site.) No more than $45.
  2. V

    Verified coinbase needed

    If anyone has a verified USA coinbase with high card limit from $750 upwards, hit my telegram @Vacko11 I'm loading asap and we split funds 50/50. 1-2hrs cashout ? Note: online access is required.
  3. D

    Cannabis connection

    Goodmorning everyone my name is DoughBoy from the beach cities of Los Angeles California ? , I am a verified vendor under many different THC Cartridge brands . ALSO Have a line of pounds as well ? tap in join my telega channel get verified ! I’m legit and I want vouchers from you all let’s get...
  4. ScamLikely

    Carding Ist Files? Free

    Anyone got the ist files? I’ll help you with great dump site & I have all software free of charge lmk asap
  5. B


    Same story as another member here, I saw an ad for them here on Crdpro so I gave them a look, bought a wells log for $150... as soon as he recieved the money, havent't heard a word from him since, even though he's still active online posting his bullshit fake logs. STAY AWAY! The admins here at...
  6. 6

    Carding Knowledge and Future Fortune

    carding member Carding Groupchats On Telegram Looking For Partner? Work etc... Telegram [email protected]
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