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Who are Drop?

Drop it people do dirty work in our elegkom fact, they take goods are cashing stolen money and use wherever an enterprising Carder does not want to shine their personal data not to fall into clutches of justice.
In this article I will tell you just how to get their flea drops for purposes of a country like United States.
All other types and methods of work force we will leave behind scenes.
According to a method for producing mules can be divided into two broad categories: recruited and unrecruited.
Unrecruited drop - a person who knows what is going on and understands what he should need to conduct successful business. Plus, these drops is that they can perform certain actions to ensure successful detected or receiving stuff, they usually do not die, and in most cases do not throw. Payoff for all this is that drop will have a good idea to pay for his labor.
Recruited drop - a man tricked recruited to work, he believes that is engaged in legal work in legal firm, or helping her friend again in legal affairs. These drops are very painful and can die from many causes as a kind of movable drops you can meet a lot of throwing. Pluses of same is that these drops can recruit anyone, and in virtually any amount, you need not directly control whether drop or stay in country of all do in comfort room for laptop screen. Just drop an adjustable usually pay nothing.

How do get recruited drops?

First of all, define what you need for:
- Software for security and rabots with e-mail.
- Knowledge of language of country which are going to work, at least you have to understand written for correspondence and rang you can hire call service
- Run single with large volumes of drops is extremely difficult, I recommend you find a partner or hire a qualified tech support

Ways to mass, but most common ways of online - dating scam & job scam.
Dating not doing and tell me nothing special, if in a nutshell is in process of divorce, your "fiance" ask him or her under any pretext realties cash money or accept goods.
Dwell on Job Scam.
The first thing you need is dropproject, you can work without it, but you will be much easier to coordinate work and hire more people.

Where to get dropproject?
The easiest way - to buy a ready, so you can make a dn their hands, or find it using Google.
Legend for project - if we talk about stuff carding in U.S. it is mail forwarding. Your company is helping people from different parts of globe to shop at online auctions and online shops in United States and workers, respectively, you need to on-site to coordinate process.
Although this legend, and is used with 90s but still 90% drops. Other legends have you will have to either buy or invent themselves and markups, process of divorce drops it works, you want to succeed - you have to do everything yourself to constantly seek new ways and means, otherwise a considerable portion of money you will either not received or spent on general constant renewal projects.

What is in dropproject?
Approximate structure:
-Mail to spam, and posting
- "First" letter revealing essence of work, it send spam or postings recruited people. to this letter may come attachments to contract and / or job description.
Emails for workflow: receiving / sending of parcels, money and request various disk imaging etc
- Site
- Admin panel for drops and / or stuff carders
- Licenses, permits and other phony documents that will convince loot to legality of your activities.

How to unleash dropproject?
Ways weight - advertising in options markets, social networks, posting advertisements, spam.
The most common and easiest way to - spam. Only once searched only those spammers who sent in svvezhim Jobe databases from sites such as monster or karerbilder and always take first on test, but rather arrange to pay for response is fixed. Since many spammers like to take money from you for amount of sent letters, and exhaust with a minimum distribution.

As actually doing drops?
After ordering you receive spam email full of responses. Response - a letter from an interested in work of man, as rules in it, he sends his resume, wrote contact information and sets various borrow.
Are sending them to their first letter and wait. As you read letters you will unsubscribe people immediately or agree to work or to ask questions like "it's legal?" "You have a website / phone / fax / office / license / conscience?"
Answer questions, sign contracts, call them, punch Old to ensure that this man really lives on such a address that he was indeed a U.S. citizen, he had no criminal record.
Next comes test mules, hire 3.2 stuff carders which will send drop test product is not less than 3.2 boxes per person. As a rule adopted by entire test drops product goes stafferu but for kidki and death you should not be held responsible. But you can specify and their individual conditions.
As a result, you get a working mules. Usually number of workers is 30-70% of recruits. But there may be other indicators.

How to further manage drops?
Then everything is simple, send information about loot goods ordered after receipt give him a label, or send via PP / WU money to send goods for cash. If drop is asking questions to answer them, if going to throw or ripp you talk him about police usually can at least pick up one product that is in his hands.

Pay a drop? And if so, how?
Pay or not pay - up to you. If you're not going to pay these workers a drop in service is usually 1-2 months, but if you pay then drop will last you 3-6 months. Receiving wages drop as much more you trust. Pay as a rule 20-30 USD per processed shipment. Salary will be sent by WU, MG or RR.

In working with drops most important thing is not to make their drops, and attract smart stuff carders to working with you. With such people one drop can bring you a few thousand profit in same with dilettantes you only get a hassle.
All good work!
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