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-: Terms and definitions.

Points for violations - units in the count of count up to the moment of account blocking (20 points - account ban)
Ban - blocking of account, prohibition to attend forum.
The account is a personal account.
Administrator - Forum Administrator
Moderator - moderates the forum (works aimed at improving the efficiency of the forum from a technical point of view: checking and editing articles, assigning status to participants, etc.)
Auditor - carries out inspections (schemes, shops, etc.)
Lecturer - holds lectures for club participants CrdPro
CrdPro is a member of the club who received training from the forum team
Verified Seller - verified seller of certain goods or services (provided after verification with the forum administration)
Registered - Registered User
Guest (Unregistered/Unconfirmed) - guest, unregistered user
-: Basic rules.

1.1 Forbidden flood. -: 4 ball for 1 month.
1.2 Text thanks instead of using the "Thank you" button. -: 2 points for 1 month.
1.3 Srach and foul play. -: 4 ball for 1 month.
1.4 Use of sites, mats and meaningless character set in the address strings without the prior permission of the administration. -: Block the account.
1.5 Double-sign-up (mults), capture of nicks, and create a double of an existing one. -: Block your account.
1.6 Incitement to interracial/religious/political discord, manifests itself in negative statements about any country/people/religion/politics. -: 6 points for 1 month.
1.7 Limit your answer to "thank you," ha, "cool," respect, "kuul," me, "or insert just a smiley. -: 4 a ball for 1 month.
1.8 Failure to comply with arbitration decision. -: Account blocking.
1.9 Deception, or attempt to deceive the current participants of the forum. -: Block the account.
1.10 Insulting the participants of the forum. -: 10 points for 2 months.
1.11 Discussion of administration actions or insult of AG. -: Account blocking.
1.12 It is forbidden to use calls (requests) to press "I like"/"Add reputation" in any form. -: 5 points for 2 months.
1.13 Buying and selling accounts from our resource in other forums and network resources. -: Block your account.
1.14 Spam, advertising of third-party projects (including telegraph, icq, etc. Chat/channels), without agreement with the administration -: 15 points for 3 months, or Account Blocking.
1.15 Asking, as well as taking information from under the hyde. -: 5 points for 2 months/Account blocking.
1.16 Withdrawal of information from closed section. -: Account blocking.
1.17 Update topics more often than once a day. -: 4 points for 1 month/if you delete the topic again.
1.18 The sale of SS/Enrol/PP/Bank without deposit is prohibited. -: 5 points for 1 month Removal of topic.
1.19 Refusal of guarantor. -: Account blocking.
1.20 Discussion/Work on RP/CIS is prohibited. -: Account blocking.
1.21 Requests by type: "can I do this?" "Can personal?" et al. -: 4 points for 1 month.
1.22 Placement of referential links without prior permission of the administration. -: 10 points for 2 months removing the subject/message.
1.23 Placement/distribution of links to programs on the forum without checking for results. -: 5 points for 2 months removing the topic/message.
1.23 Sale of topics/schemes/training without agreement with the administration -: 10 points, or account blocking
1.24 Sale of drugs, pills, stimulating substances -: Account blocking.
-: Rules of opening of subjects.
2.1 Opening themes whose title is written exclusively in uppercase characters. -: 5 points for a period of 1 month warning, or deleting the theme.
2.2 Opening, posting, discussion of topics with a drug link -: Account blocking.
2.3 Use of mats and meaningless character set in topic names -: 5 points for a period of 1 month to delete the topic.
2.4 Creating a theme not in your section -: 5 points for a period of 1 month.
Placement of any topics related to real carding, whether services or discussion of work, is permitted only with preliminary approval with the administration of the forum.

It is prohibited to sell training or earning schemes that are not related to cardination topics.

For everything you wrote on the forum, YOU (author of the communication or topic) are responsible. All information posted on the forum is not a call to action (propaganda) and is exclusively educational.

The administration of the forum may not share the opinions of the authors of the materials published on the forum and the owners of the sites to which are located on the forum.

Participation in the forum implies the adoption of the present rules of the forum, so any violation of these rules will be considered intentional and will be punished by a bath.

The Administration reserves the right to modify these rules of the forum at its own discretion, without prior notification of the participants of the forum. Everything that for any reason was not stated in these rules remains at the discretion of the administration of the forum.
Write questions, complaints and claims directed against the Administration through "feedback," or in personal messages on the forum.

The Forum Administration is not responsible for transactions that were carried out without the participation of the Guarantor Service.

The project administration is not financially responsible for transactions carried out with moderators, arbitrators and other members of the forum team, without the participation of the Guarantor Service - only at your risk.

According to all comments of moderators "work - write to the administration of the forum.

The Administration bears neither civil nor criminal responsibility for the information posted on the forum and the actions of the users of the forum.
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