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Terms and Definitions:

- Points for Violations: Points accumulate in your account up to the point of account blocking (20 points lead to an account ban).
- Ban: Account blocking, prohibiting access to the forum.
- Account: Personal user account.
- Administrator: Forum administrator.
- Moderator: Manages the forum from a technical perspective, including checking and editing posts, assigning user statuses, and more.
- Auditor: Conducts inspections, particularly for schemes and shops.
- Lecturer: Hosts lectures for CrdPro club participants.
- CrdPro: A club member who has received training from the forum team.
- Verified Seller: A seller of specific goods or services, verified by the forum administration.
- Registered: A registered user.
- Guest (Unregistered/Unconfirmed): An unregistered user.

Basic Rules:

1.1 Forbidden Flood: 4 points for 1 month.
1.2 Text Thanks Instead of Using the "Thank You" Button: 2 points for 1 month.
1.3 Srach and Foul Play: 4 points for 1 month.
1.4 Use of Sites, Mats, and Meaningless Characters in URL Strings Without Prior Permission: Account blocking.
1.5 Double Sign-up (Mults), Nick Capture, and Creation of a Double Account: Account blocking.
1.6 Incitement to Interracial/Religious/Political Discord or Negative Statements About a Country/People/Religion/Politics: 6 points for 1 month.
1.7 Limiting Replies to "Thank You," "Ha," "Cool," "Respect," "Kuul," "Me," or Just a Smiley: 4 points for 1 month.
1.8 Failure to Comply with Arbitration Decisions: Account blocking.
1.9 Deception or Attempt to Deceive Forum Participants: Account blocking.
1.10 Insulting Forum Participants: 10 points for 2 months.
1.11 Discussion of Administration Actions or Insults to AG: Account blocking.
1.12 Prohibition of Requests to Press "I Like"/"Add Reputation" in Any Form: 5 points for 2 months.
1.13 Buying and Selling Forum Accounts in Other Forums and Online Resources: Account blocking.
1.14 Spam and Advertising Third-party Projects Without Admin Approval: 15 points for 3 months or Account Blocking.
1.15 Asking or Taking Information from Undercover Members: 5 points for 2 months or Account Blocking.
1.16 Withdrawal of Information from Closed Sections: Account blocking.
1.17 Updating Topics More Frequently Than Once a Day: 4 points for 1 month or topic deletion.
1.18 Selling SS/Enrol/PP/Bank Without Deposit: 5 points for 1 month or topic removal.
1.19 Refusal of Guarantor: Account blocking.
1.20 Prohibition of RP/CIS Work: Account blocking.
1.21 Prohibition of Questions Like "Can I Do This?" or "Can Personal?": 4 points for 1 month.
1.22 Placement of Reference Links Without Admin Permission: 10 points for 2 months or message removal.
1.23 Placement/Distribution of Links to Programs Without Checking Results on 5 points for 2 months or message removal.
1.24 Selling Drugs, Pills, Stimulating Substances: Account blocking.

Rules for Opening New Topics:

2.1 Opening Topics with Titles Written Exclusively in Uppercase Characters: 5 points for 1 month or topic deletion.
2.2 Opening, Posting, or Discussing Topics with Drug Links: Account blocking.
2.3 Use of Mats and Meaningless Characters in Topic Titles: 5 points for 1 month or topic deletion.
2.4 Creating a Topic Not in the Appropriate Section: 5 points for 1 month.


The forum owner and administration remind all users that CrdPro is provided solely for informational and educational purposes. We do not endorse and do not encourage illegal activities, including but not limited to fraud and unlawful actions.

By using our forum, you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. We strongly recommend all users to use this resource solely for lawful and ethical purposes. Any use of information provided on the forum for illegal purposes is against the law and may result in legal consequences.

The forum administration reserves the right to remove any content or block the account of any user who violates our rules or engages in unlawful activities. Please be responsible and ethical when using our resource.

Thank you for your understanding and respect for the rules of crdpro.

General Notes:

- All information posted on the forum is for educational purposes and is not a call to action (propaganda).
- The administration of the forum may not share the opinions of authors or site owners linked on the forum.
- The forum administration reserves the right to modify these rules without prior notification to forum participants.
- Contact the administration through the "feedback" section for questions, complaints, and claims.
- The administration is not responsible for transactions conducted without the involvement of the Escrow Service.
- The administration is not financially responsible for transactions involving moderators, arbitrators, and other forum team members without Guarantor Service involvement.
- For all comments and concerns regarding forum work, contact the administration.
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