Ten (10) Carding Commanents


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but after reading this, you should be more successful in your carding venture. 20 years of experience. never been busted. millions in stuff and cash.

1. Carding is like 70% luck. 20% skill. 10% resources. Most of the time carding fails, seriously. just make your expectations realistic.

2. It takes money to make money, spend a little, get a little. I always set a ratio.. if I spend $40 cash, I want at least $200 return.

3. Gather your resources. Your going to want to gather a collection of vendors to buy cards, check them, become anonymous, and avoid tripping off the red flags.
a. Choose a good cvv2/dump vendor (bvcvs for instance 😉 ) .
b. Choose a good cc checker (vipercheck for instance 😉)
c. Choose a good socks5 provider
d. Choose a good RDP (OPTIONAL)

4. Find your target site... Really, stay away from gift cards, fools gold. You have go find cardable sites, they r out there. I would certainly look for them via duckduckgo or just by trying sites yourself. Bigger sites like Amazon.com are definitely cardable but if your going go attempt that, make sure you read up on how to do so. Honestly, I'm surprised at what sites are cardable these days...

5. Use the same name as the card holder, never card without having a socks5 that is in the same city as the card holder, and never ever use clipboard.. these are easy red flags.

6. For your own sake, read up on stripes merchant support pages. They tell you exactly what to look for. Especially if sites use stripe. On that note, finding the payment processor and reading up on their safety features will help you much.

7. Get yourself a PO BOX and use the actual address of the post office
For instance, if the post office is located at "37 mountain ave ontario, ca 91762" and your box is 427... instead of "po box 427 Ontario, ca 91762" use "37 mountain ave Ontario, ca 91762 unit 427". This will five you a drop site that is not a po box. Comes handy!

8. Find good bins, try to find bins that are nonvbv or do not have Mastercard secure locked. Try to find banks that are private and mid sized. I do not reccommend credit unions ( just not as good) Banks like citizens bank, citi bank , PNC bank have better bins. Learn the different card limits. World vs World Elite. Classic vs Standard. Stay away from American Express or Discover.

9. Once you do card something successfully from somewhere, keep on hitting it. And try to remember the steps taken to do so. Once the system likes you it likes you until it no longer likes you then it won't. You'll need a new device, new ip, new email, new everything.

10. Last but not least, sharing is caring. You find a nice score. Share in knowledge. The carding community is huge on this and its how we have survived this long. Leave a post... teach everyone. And remember, fuck the banks.

I hope this helps! That all I ever wanna do. Shoutout to vipercheck and bvcvs for keeping me supplied with everything I need.
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