1. Drxavier


    Get your cards cashed out quickly as possible contact me when ready 50/50 Split
  2. Chargen19

    Carding Commonwealth Bank of Australia ATM SKIMMERS. Thats the link folks. run it in virustotal first so you wont get paranoid. goodluck! (\____/) ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) \╭☞ \╭☞
  3. Chargen19


    NEWS: Boss of ATM Skimming Syndicate Arrested in Mexico Florian “The Shark” Tudor, the alleged ringleader of a prolific ATM skimming gang that siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars from bank accounts of tourists visiting Mexico over the last eight years, was arrested in Mexico City on...
  4. 5

    ATM cards

    I’m new to this game and would appreciate if anyone can let me know of any genuine sellers or websites that I can use to buy cards that would work in UK ATMs . I would also like to know of any scam websites so I can avoid them. Thanks , 5star ;)
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