1. Swipe_G0D

    Private CC Vendors (are there any legit ones left?)

    Hello Crdpro Fam, I have access to fresh first hand CC's in bulk from USA, CA and other countries if anyone is interested in buying a bulk order we can work out a deal and strictly use escrow thru crdpro so that both you and myself will have a safe abd easy transaction when making this happen...
  2. Nickv6mps


    Looking for a bulk sms sender with good routes to canada for spam/ fr@ud content. SMS api that accepts btc as a top up and can land on all canadian carriers with all hotwords and links. PM on telegram @vaaderr
  3. x_mode

    Help with bulk sms

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a program or service to send bulk SMS. I need to send 500K messages. I need a program or service (from the company or from a person) to send 500k messages. I checked the services that were mentioned in the "link", but they are not suitable for me. Can someone...
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