carding for noobs

  1. R

    How can i use CVV with VBV

    i bought a CVV that is secured by VBV know i want to know how i can cashout in Europe without OTP.
  2. G

    Reverse engineer track 2

    Is it possible to figure out the rest of track 1 & track 2 with just the card number, Cvv, and exp date From a gift card? I want to write a gift card from online into a real life card to use in store? is that possible?
  3. YesJerryCan

    Carding Simple Carding Guide, for all levels.

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  4. D

    What to do with vbv cardz?

    Hi guys I'm new to this, I'm wondering what do I do with cardz that need otp or shyt? Thanks in advance.
  5. C

    Best non VBV fullz shops uk

    Complete noob here. What are the best shops for non VBV UK fullz. I see some shops (Gonzo, on the left hand tab but out the pairs which ones are the best and are their any other sources.
  6. black mambba

    2021 carding set up + Free Black hat BTC carding method outline **2K per Day**

    We have put together a carding starter pack that will allow anyone who follows it exactly as written to card like a pro. This guide will show you the exact set up you need, what you need, and where to find it. An up-to-date step by step that will cover you from routers set up to working tips...
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