1. CyberSurprise

    Market CyberSurprise [Stealer] + Loader

    CyberSurpise - it is a new tool among the shadow market panels. Stiller CyberSurprise was created primarily for our own needs, since we are not children and solutions to problems. In the community in which we do business, the request for this solution has long been ripe. We checked the work and...
  2. Jester_Stealer

    Market Merlynn Clipper (Подмена кошельков) | $29

    Merlynn Clipper Release Clipper - вирусное программное обеспечение, предназначенное для того чтобы отслеживать буфер обмена и подменять чужие крипто-кошельки на ваши. [EN]: Functions, Price, Contacts, Rules [RU]: Функции, Цена...
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