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CyberSurpise - it is a new tool among the shadow market panels.
Stiller CyberSurprise was created primarily for our own needs, since we are not children and solutions to problems.
In the community in which we do business, the request for this solution has long been ripe. We checked the work and decided to replicate this product. We offer rent for everyone.
I'm sure many of you will want to try something new.

[Chrome stealer]:
Passwords, CreditCards, AutoFill, Cookies, History, Downloads, Keywords, Bookmarks;

[Firefox stealer]:
Passwords, AutoFill, Cookies, History, Bookmarks;

Telegram, Unigram, Bettergram, WhatsApp, Element, Signal, Skype, Slack, RamBox, Psi Psi+, Paltalk, Facebook, TeamSpeak3, Discord, Viber, Pidgin, Wickr Me/Pro;

[Email clients]:
Spike, Outlook, FoxMail, TheBat!, PocoMail, OperaMail, MailSpring, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird;

[Password managers]:
1Password, KeePass2, NordPass, BitWarden, Dashlane, RoboForm;

Git, Github Desktop, Ngrok, Authy, WinAuth, WinRar, Docker desktop, PHP-Composter, OBS Studio, Utopia Ecosystem;

OpenVPN, NordVPN, EarthVPN, ProtonVPN, PrivateVPN, Proxifier, NO-IP DUC;

WinSCP CoreFTP, TotalCmd, FileZilla, MobaXTerm, SnowFlake, mRemoteNG, CyberDuck, FarManager, ApacheDirectoryStudio;

Steam, Uplay, BattleNet, Origin, KalypsoMedia , Osu!, SA:MP, Minecraft, VimeWorld, RedServer, LavaCraft, McSkill, LoliLand;

DashCore, MoneroCore, BitcoinCore, LitecoinCore, AtomicWallet, Blockstream, CoinWallet, Armory, Coinomi, Electrum, Ethereum, Exodus, Guarda, Jaxx, Zcash, Wasabi, BitPay, Bither, MyMonero;

Appslist, Processlist, Webcam screenshot, Desktop screenshot, Active windows screenshot, Vault passwords, Windows credential manager, Networks;

Screen Resolution, CPU name, GPU name, Manufacturer, RAM amount, Disk serial, BatteryInfo: ACPowerPluggedIn, NetworkInfo: Get local IP, Get public IP Get gateway IP, OSInfo: Get UI lang;


The current price for CyberSurprice [06/01/2022]
CyberSurprice (Build) + Panel: $ 100 Month
CyberSurprice (Build) + Panel: $ 500 Forever
CyberSurprice (Builder) + Panel Sources: $ 300 Month
CyberSurprice (Builder) + Panel Sources: $ 600 Forever

We accept payment in BTC, ETH, USDT
We issue the panel after 3 network confirmations

We agree to the guarantor of this forum!

Telegram @CyberSurprise []
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