1. bredtoMSR

    hey looking for a partner

    looking to expand my shii i need someone whos been doing clones for a long time that i could work with my tele is @bredtoMSR you will need to bring stuff to the table trust me its going to be worth it
  2. G

    can u clone cards in the netherlands?

    im not sure lol
  3. L

    Questions about magstripe cloning

    So a few questions as i am a noobie here and would love input but first let’s say i’ve bought a magstripe reader and was able to pull debit and pins on my own.. 1) If i got the debit with pin # would I be able write that on that onto a blank card that came with the writer even tho it has no...
  4. HideMyIP

    Emv Software Plug

    Emv software for the low X2 ??‍♂️ Hit my tele @breezodumpz
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