1. C

    CLAIM @U C Dept Scammed $550 BTc

    I contacted @U C Dept on his telegram for delivery of a stimulus check last year for $20k check and he said it will cost $850 plus shipping. I lowered the amount yesterday to minimize the risk and asked how much $400 can do and he said the lowest he can go is $550. He provided btc wallet and I...
  2. saiko

    CLAIM [Claim] @eurodollars Telegram: https://t.me/eurodollarupdate

    topic closed, that was MY FAULT @eurodollars, https://crdpro.cc/members/eurodollars.67122/ @CrdPro @Will Smith
  3. D

    Black List [Claim] Vacko11 forum : @veyron.14422 telegram @Vacko11

    Ripper for 250 usd blocked me after payment -his thread : https://crdpro.cc/threads/usa-uk-canada-drop-open-ups-available.36415/ -his profile : https://crdpro.cc/members/veyron.14422/ -Bought an canadian open up and blocked me after payment confirmation here video and screen proof. -video...
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