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    Hello, This tutorial does not include the details transfer from Card # , EXP Date, CVV to desired Track1&2 writable format which would include the desired valid BANK LINE CODES. it seems as if each card/bank carries additional numeric basis from otherwise original intention which requires...
  2. waifu

    Market 💳 🃏 WAIFU CVV, valid us cards from waifu ✅ 💳

    CHANNEL: TELEGRAM: @waifu_cvv
  3. C

    Carding CCchecker PRIVATE

  4. validms

    Services For Transfer Methods & Cashout 2022

    Welcome you all member and new base to the section of income and all worldwide update deals...%100 1: Cloned credit card :- Cloned credit card is more fast, easier and stress free for cash outs, you don’t need loading your funds or method you loading it with. All you got to do is order for a...
  5. G

    Crypto/CVV Formula$1000+Daily Each Account You Make ( BEFORE KYC IMPROVED )

    I HAVE A TRUSTED FORMULA TO MAKE YOU $1000+ Daily with each account you make . I’m not revealing the site or the formula unless direct messaged and a payment in eth / btc / lite coin . What I will tell you is that with this formula you can make a user using a picture of the id / matching...
  6. J

    How To Cashout CC Via Paypal/Wealthsimple Cash

    Does anyone know a legit CC cashout method that involves loading some sort of payment app that I can do in Canada? I’m trying to cashout a cc but this time I want straight cash. I tried To load PayPal and wealthsimple accounts but it won’t work because I’m blocked from logging in due to...
  7. T


    Hi there, So put a few ads up with a whole lot of enquiries, but need to narrow down the criteria. Im looking to team up with knowledgeable carders who have experience and know how to card. I will be responsible for the cashout side and pay you 50% of profit. I can oy do this for a limited...
  8. S

    Twitch Cheer mining (Cashback)

    Hello guys, I am streamer. Generally I'm being watched between 50-60. If you interested with cheer mining contact me.
  9. C

    What shop do you guys recommend for CCs?

    i've used validcc and unicc for the past years, valid was shut down recently and unicc is trash ... Anyone recommend a good shop?
  10. J

    compiling the best or worst CCV sites

    So I wanted everyone’s reviews on their experience using ccv sites. I’ll go first Best site I have used is joker but I have used plenty of other good sites they have cheap cards that tend to work the worst site I have used is probably feshop although they tend to work as well but they have bases...
  11. G

    EMV Reader/Writer v8.6 ( EMV Software)

    EMV Reader/Writer v8.6 which is more powerful then (EMV Reader Writer Software v8) EMV Reader Writer Software v8.6 is the most powerful EMV Smart Card Reader/Writer Software in the world. Development by EmvGlobalSolution Software Team, EMV Reader Writer Software v8.6 Is able To...
  12. U

    Carding Some questions

    Hello everybody, I would like to to know how it works for buying cards for UE. Prices? Best sellers? Feedback? Thanks!!
  13. K

    Carding try to find new zeland cc

    Aftet joker closed hard to find valid valid nz cc infos , mostly dead infos everywhere and not moving very much. any ideas where is good shop to new zeland cc or good vendor thanks
  14. HideMyIP

    Expedia & Sauce

    Allows you to get a room, book a flight etc for free???‍♂️ Tap in while it’s hot hit my tele @breezodumpz
  15. HideMyIP

    Market Dumps, Pros, Business Pros, Cc’s On Deck

    Got everything on deck tap in ? hit my tele @breezodumpz
  16. S

    mexico specific bin

    Hello im looking for this bin 652001 its from mexico, i will buy all cc of that bin even expired but real ones, nothing fake
  17. J


    Hello guys i want to ring to your notice a CC shop called FERUMSHOP.SU. Please beware of this shop. I sent $30 USD to the BTC wallet they provided in my account and the money was not reflected in the account even though it has been confirmed in the blockchain and the minimum amount they require...
  18. Darkmoneyyy

    Offtop NON VBV BINS

    Hello Everyone. I have extracted some NON-VBV / NON-MCSC BINS I have sold till now. Clients have assured as these are NON VBV. Data extracted till date i.e. 25th November 2020 Note: NON VBV/MCSC shall not have the same status for the whole life, card holder can update his security status...
  19. M

    Fullz/Pro’s/CVV/Docs/Bank Logs/Bank Drops

    Vendor looking for new customers Fresh fullz and pros with DL # & Scans (REQUEST ANY STATE) Full Credit Report/BG Checks Bank Drops & Bank Logs (Several Banks Available) Fullz + CVV’s Verified PayPal Accounts BTC only I have proof of sales from several other sellers NO Scams No Ripping...
  20. L

    All About Carding (For Noobs Only)【first part】

    Points I cover: 1.What is carding? 2.What are the factors relates to carding? 3.How it’s done, I mean process? let's start 1.Introduction to Carding and Key Points: There are multiple definitions available per different views. 1.1Key points in carding method. 2. Let start to understand each...
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