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    ? CVV Fullz / Dumps 101/201 + Pin / fullz + Scan Id + Vaccine Passport / Vaccine Passport (Smarthealth) / All EMV Cloning Software ? ???????? Come shop at my shop and stop getting ripped off on these online stores that give you shit, All my Cvv dumps & fullz are Fresh and first hand, if card...
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    What shop do you guys recommend for CCs?

    i've used validcc and unicc for the past years, valid was shut down recently and unicc is trash ... Anyone recommend a good shop?
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    compiling the best or worst CCV sites

    So I wanted everyone’s reviews on their experience using ccv sites. I’ll go first Best site I have used is joker but I have used plenty of other good sites they have cheap cards that tend to work the worst site I have used is probably feshop although they tend to work as well but they have bases...
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