1. Chargen19

    Other Track 2 of dumps.

    Disclaimer: these can be found in an onion site for an onion URL. If you do not know what your are doing, please ask for assistance to anyone you trust. "The point to note here is that Track 1 data is sufficient information when dealing with card dumps. It contains enough information to be...
  2. Chargen19


    TOPIC 1 – HOW TO CREATE PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNTS. - How to create Bank Accounts, and receive Debit Cards to your drops. You can use these accounts for merchants or applying for personal loans and some whole other shit you can come up with. TOPIC 2 – HOW TO CREATE BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNTS. -...
  3. Chargen19

    people who loves #Botnets

    BOT: - NATIVE. Don't need any kind of windows dependencies. - SMALL. Bot with their configurations is ~30kb. - ENCRYPTION. Fully encrypted HTTP communication with the panel and all bot settings and data. - COMPRESSION. All data uploaded and received from the panel is compressed. - MODULAR...
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