1. S

    Looking for partners to pickup packages with high value items in US

    Looking for partners to pickup packages with high value items in US Any state, Any gender Long term cooperation, can give a lot of proof pictures if needed DM me if you are interested
  2. l0ad3d

    Search We Mobile Deposit Your Checks | 50/50 split

    Hi We deposit all US checks. 50/50 Split, BTC payout within a week. Checks need to be good, endorsed by ink. You will have to provide high quality pictures of both sides + signed as instructed. PM if you're ready to work. 💸💸💸
  3. Chargen19

    JOB OFFER: researcher (no longer available)

    Are you a natural curious person? likes to research about anything and everything? You wanna make some bucks out of that skill of yours? lets talk then. DM me. I might have a job for you. *Requirements: *Natural curious *Into Conspiracy Theories *Dedication to do tasks *Driven *Risk taker and...
  4. S

    Partnership opportunity - Phishing pages & Cpanel

    Have current valid methods and looking for someone who has the skills to create phishing pages with Cpanel access to partner up with. Contact me on telegram if this is you - @poised3062
  5. S

    Job opportunity for Aussies

    Job opportunity out here for aussies or also suitable for non aussies who can make international calls to aussies . Real simple & high paying. You just need to know how to make phone calls . To apply send a msg to : Telegram - Poised3062
  6. DoctorCaT

    Search I invite you to work together

    Are you ready? since bitcoin has taken off and I'm in a good mood, I'm ready to tell you the scheme of how to rob a crypto bank. I think now there is no one who can not be cheapened that a loan can be obtained in BTC ETH BCH this is due to the growth and popularity of crypto currencies. We have...
  7. Z

    Partnership: Drop Stuff, Wu Transfer, Bank Transfer

    Hello Guys If you need Asian Partner for: - Cash Pickup from WU / Money Gram - Bank Transfer (Including Wise, Wire Transfer) - Transferwise can be sameday reflection (within hours) - Drop Ship Address for Stuff - POS Sale (Can receive large amount 4 digit or 6 digit) You can contact me, I...
  8. U

    I need a smuggler.

    I recently moved Into a rough neighbourhood in a european country and need a gun. I will pay You a lot of money to bring one to me.
  9. V

    I need a serious provider/partner with dumps + pin (I can cashout 201 dumps)

    I NEED SERIOUS PARTNER I have EMV Software to write chip cards and cashout any dumps+pin, 201, 221, 226, 206, etc. Only serious people, NO RIPPERS PLEASE. I do not pay in advance, work only by 50%-50% My ICQ: 627405917
  10. Stuffer

    USA residents wanted for offline job. 2-9hrs = $60-820 day

    Hi there All states are welcomed You're going to need a car to do deliveries of legal tech that you'll get from the store Easy and Safe Job. No kickers. No cases 2-9hrs = $60-820 a day You get paid Cash Each day dm me in telegram app @ Pigeonhunter
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