1. DeepBrother

    NEEDED - US Partner for fake bank phone call

    Hi, if you are able to to this job, contact me for business, excellent reward. Requirements: Very good US english Able to spoof your phone call, voice 2K usd week + % of cashout Contact tg @DeepFather
  2. H


    Whatsup, First sorry for my Bad englisch.. I am from Germany , and searching for someone to work/ Cooperate with. When maybe somebody Have something like : Psyical Cards to cashout we can work together. I will cashout we will Split 50/50. I will Exchange the Money to BTC and Send. Here in...
  3. R

    Need partner

    I am looking for a partner who is capable of opening and maintaining bank drops with info i provide. Profiles are high credit score pros, and i will be dropping loans in the accounts you make. PM me if you are interested in working
  4. R

    looking for people to partner up

    Hello Guys, I m looking fr people from US and EU region to partner up with my projects. Looking for long term partnership. I don't teach from the scratch so i expect minimum understanding of OPSEC, payment gateway, Knowledge on PP,CC and BA Must have the ability to arrange drop if necessary and...
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