1. Gogogetit

    Looking For Mentor

    I am looking for a Mentor that can teach me the basics of spamming/phishing. Programs sites ect.. I am hoping with having a mentor I will elarn it quicker and can build long term relations within the community.
  2. L


    Good day. This is my first post on this forum, as I've only lived on the exp before. Recently I decided to remember the past, how I worked in the unreal engine (in the architecture section) Since I previously kept a company to confirm income on this topic, and then the thought came to my mind...
  3. L


    Good day. Finally completed the game templates. 2 types under the drain, which translates to your site where the drainer is located and for collecting seed phrases. Making a game was much easier than making a template. Projects 1. Under the drainer. Made on blueprint You can enter any link to...
  4. CasinoMasterKey

    FRESH ScamPages For Sale (SPAM YOUR OWN LOGS) đź’Žđź’Ž

    Plenty of Scampages available for instant use on any phishing campaign. I have carefully prepared them so that they look clean and valid. My clients have already had some success with using them to spam for logs If you are interested and want to learn more about phishing, hit me up on...
  5. S

    Partnership opportunity - Phishing pages & Cpanel

    Have current valid methods and looking for someone who has the skills to create phishing pages with Cpanel access to partner up with. Contact me on telegram if this is you - @poised3062
  6. H

    Looking to team up with someone. (phishing)

    need some help setting up a phishing website, i could pay for hosting and domain. tele- @nonremittal
  7. Z

    Phishing page

    Looking for someone to make me a phishing page for suncorp bank. There's heaps of $$ to be made. Telegram - zeebee2
  8. x_mode

    A few questions about phishing

    Hello everyone. I recently started working on phishing sites. I have created a copy of my country's bank website and would like to ask for some tips, for example: 1) What's the best way to send a message? sms or mail? (I would be grateful if you recommend several platforms or programs for...
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