1. DirtySoda

    Carding Free Carding Guide Basics 4 Dummies

    After spending more time on this forum then i should have. I have came to a conclusion that if I didn't already know a decent amount, I probably wouldn't of learnt much. Here is a couple FAQ. Even if you learn 1 thing from this Thread I am happy. I will type this in the most baby English as...
  2. W


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  3. lililde

    Proxy Ultimate Proxy List | Meet 2024 and Add 200000+ Best Socks5/Http(s) Proxy Lists 💥

    ABCProxy adds 200,000+ US IP addresses. This makes it easier for you to access sites and services within the United States! In addition, many popular locations in Europe, Asia, and more have been added. Whether it's for anonymous browsing, bypassing geo-restrictions, improving network security...
  4. M


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  5. ollao123

    Proxy Checker v0.2 by X-SLAYER very simple and fast proxy checker

    -- Multi Threaded -- Very Very Fast Response -- HTTPS Proxy -- HTTP Proxy -- SOCKS4 proxy -- SOCKS5 proxy Download:Link1 Download:Link2 Download:Link3
  6. lililde

    ABC S5 PROXY Trial Package is now available!

    Traffic packages as low as $7 = 2GB = 30 days; Residential IP as low as $9.9=30IP; Unlimited traffic plan $280=24 hours; For more customised services, please contact: [email protected] Experience package link:
  7. Check My IP

    ✅⭐️CHECK MY IP - deepest IP checker for purity and GEO⭐️✅

    ____________________ Discover what anti-fraud systems think about your IP with our easy-to-use Bot! 🚀 Why us? First check each day is FREE. Partnered with leading data collectors for comprehensive IP analysis. Try the Bot: Join our Channel for bonuses...
  8. Akenet

    Proxy Best SOCKS5 for carding ⭐ Proxy Network ⭐ Pay as you Go | Free test

    Free test for every user! Just comment this thread and get special promocode in PM With care about your business, team
  9. 922s5proxy

    Proxy Large Residential IP Proxy With 99% Purity — 922 S5 Proxy

    🔥The Most Trusted Proxy🔥 🔻🔻🔻 922S5Proxy is a large residential IP proxy service provider, covering 190+ countries and regions, with 99% IP purity, providing solutions for enterprise market research, data analysis, e-commerce and other business needs. The IP resources of...
  10. walterp

    Carding Best proxy providers?

    So as the title says, I was curious to find out what’s the best proxy provider at this time, with good prices, fresh and non-bled ips, which has proxies available in all the states and could match a cardholder’s location( or something at least close to card billing place). Please let me know, I...
  11. I

    Any alternatives to is down, we need to find a good alternative. Any suggestions?
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