1. cEk79

    mikenko scammer

    he has several pages on the site do not trust him this guy is a scammer a crook has no word is na not even cb to flee.
  2. CVVLegend

    massonclub org

    they dont payout, u uplaod bases then bases just stay there, they dont check, dont payout, nothing, be careful, thats word on other forums too.
  3. S

    Do not buy from @Fauziss. He’s a scammer.

    I recently did business with @Fauziss and he robbed me of $300. He never provided the service I Bought from him which I didn’t expect since this forum is a paid membership. And now he’s asking for my bank account logins. I suggest he be banned from advertising his services on this forum
  4. psy0p


  5. D

    @nikeair2022 SCAMMER !!! (Hofnar05 on Telegram) DO NOT BUY FROM HIM

    @nikeair2022 SCAMMER !!! (Hofnar05 on Telegram) this user made me pay 1700 USD to get what he called the SOURCE ( where all sellers get their bases) but did not deliver. His page : DO NOT TRUST HIM
  6. B


    Same story as another member here, I saw an ad for them here on Crdpro so I gave them a look, bought a wells log for $150... as soon as he recieved the money, havent't heard a word from him since, even though he's still active online posting his bullshit fake logs. STAY AWAY! The admins here at...
  7. S

    Bank Logs Scammer Squidlogz

    Found him via a banner ad here on crdpro so decided to give him a go. Paid him 350 via usdt for a brokerage log, ghosted me after receiving payment
  8. R

    Black List refuses to send me what I pay for

    Please Help @CrdPro Bought off of his site 5 days ago now (sent a total of $880) and was confused on how to receive the information so I messaged him on telegram. Everything said it was in stock on the site. He finally responded, telling me it was actually out of stock and to...
  9. D


    @Crypto_BadBoy he selling fake method btc loan thru site called equso and that’s his telgram at the top don’t trust scam Acts like He’s provide you with documents to bypass to get the loan but tells You do you have to half 17% of loan on a block chain that he somehow hacks and get some money off...
  10. W

    carding scammers @@JordanBlay .

    hi, everybody, i share my knowledge with everyone. carding scammers report, [11.07.21 09:36] @JordanBlay , he is scammer and this group is scammmers
  11. J


    I am gonna keep this short and simple, so it has been over a mongh and i am down $150 by now, i did a lot of research in the past few months and every store either turned out to be compelete scam or it is legit but the cards be either dead or some other type of terms of policy bs, i searched up...
  12. D

    Daniel from and divine and mustang from trusted carders are SCAMMERS

    Both made fake accounts to leave fake reviews, the escrow service is a scam as well, the admin hijacked my account and acted as if I was xaying it was all good. BEWARE
  13. Darkmoneyyy


    Dear forum members, I dealt with a vendor (VanessasierrA TG @ vanessasierra) for a CC. As this was our first deal and i was dealing with this guy for my client. I offered him that I will pay him 10$ for the CC, and once I get the details I will add rest amount into his address i.e. 15$, so the...
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