1. vz9009

    CLAIM [CLAIM] Lincoln, Telegram @lincolnsup

    I am making a claim against Lincoln on the forum. His telegram is @lincolnsup. I joined his class which he posted and was false advertisement. They did not teach anything and the Administrators just post meme's and gif's all day. So I asked for a refund. Lincoln said to provide him feedback for...
  2. sparkasse

    (Offer) Fakeshop & B2B Vic Page - 1300€

    Wsg, I'll create your Fakeshop or B2B Vic Page. All pages are written in excellent English. Fakeshop Included in every Fakeshop : (1300€) Bulletproof hosting + Cloudflare Niche products / products of your choice 100+ Products Wordpress Exras: Google Merchant ( 600€ ) CMS by choice ( Price...
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