1. Z

    Redline stealer logid zip files

    Hey I’m looking for someone who uses redline stealer and gets login zip files or where I can buy these login files. I had a partner from telegram who use to provide me files full of Australian logins and passwords to cash out bank accounts. He is no longer active so I no longer have work. I’m...
  2. wswolf

    Market WsWolf - soft and service for carders and loggers

    Welcome to the page of a small team of programmers who specialize in black software We've collected our best selling software and our customer service, which you can check out below S O F T S E R V I C E OUR CONTACTS Telegram: wswolf Jabber: [email protected]
  3. nfls

    Market Rent stealer \ rdp \ verifed accs \ shop \ crypt \ logs

    •━────────────────────━❪ʚĭɞ❫━────────────────────━ Android Spyclient non root non public Шпионский клиент андроид самописный не паблик Price: 150$ •━─────━❪ʚĭɞ❫━─────━ FUD crytp for malware Крипт для малвари .NET, C#, native Price: 15$ •━─────━❪ʚĭɞ❫━─────━ FUD doc\xls crytp for malware...
  4. T

    Lucifer v.1.2 HTTP Botnet || Stealer & Grabber

    Lucifer v.1.2 HTTP Botnet || Stealer & Grabber Private New Version 2019 [ X Hunter v.3 ] New Trojan From The Libya Underground ------------------------------------------------------- Grabber Browser Password recover stored web login passwords from following browsers Firefox Google Chrome...
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