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    Looking For Partners In the USA who can make/get mobile money transfer accounts

    You just need to be in the USA and ready to work
  2. K

    ALL european people easy €5-10k jobs!

    I need all Europe holders and mids to bring me verified Bunq accounts, takes less than 10minutes to create it and payment same day or the day after. €5-10k is being loaded per account, 40% back to you. Any questions ask me on Telegram: @Kanotunde
  3. K


    I need serious holders with verified Vivid accounts, 10-20k is being loaded and 40% back to you, takes only 10mins to create the accounts. You dont wanna miss out on this opportunity, need as many as possible doing them all week so if you have any further questions pm me on Telegram: @Kanotunde
  4. R

    Looking for people with mastercard/visa worldwide

    Here is some more information about my transfers. I make instant transfers to cards called refunds from US merchants. Merchant is a payment processor. Transfers to cards depend on the country of the card issuer, card bin (first 6 digits), and also whether this bin has been worked out earlier...
  5. K

    People with contacts in FINLAND needed BIG OPPORTUNITY

    People with contacts in Finland is needed, big opportunity for €30-50k jobs. Im only searching for serious people so if you know someone who knows someone in Finland contact me on Telegram @Kanotunde for further information.
  6. C

    Looking for transfer and accounts

    I am looking for skrill, revolut, cash app loader. Not Paypal Also looking for verified accounts for those apps. If you are the one or know store who does, please write down.
  7. S

    NL Banks needed

    WE CAN USE FORUM ESCROW.I NEED THE FOLLOWING BANK DROPS FOR DIRECT WORK. These are the supplies: - All NL & BE banks - Bunq account, Vivid, Openbank and N26 (which you can created and verify via the app within 5 minutes) Hurry if you are serious and ready to work.
  8. HideMyIP

    Cashapp to Bitcoin

    If you don’t have an id to invest , buy or sell Bitcoin. I can do the transfer for you hit my tele @breezodumpz
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