1. The Godfather

    DROP SERVICE USA/EU/CANADA | We accept envelopes | PICKUP/REROUTE | High-quality reship of any parcels from 65$

    GENERAL RULES Conditions for reship or purchasing your product. Reship cost USA Reship cost We will also help you pick up or reroute your FEDEX / DHL parcel. We also buy goods from your drops! USA/EU/CANADA/UAE/TH List of what we buy CONTACT: @veniliar
  2. NinjaBlack

    Stuff Fake ID pickup service NinjaBlack!

    Hey everyone from Ninja Black! ~ You all know - WHO WE ARE. We are the most honest and experienced Fake ID pick up service in USA.We've been on the market for more than 4 years now, and everything began with those words: "New fake id pickup service "NinjaBlack" is open for business ,in the...
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