Anyone know a good free socks 5?


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Or one that is very cheap ?

Also does anyone know how to buy amazon gift cards without the card being cancelled ?

Please just be a bro and answer here, I don't pay for information. I change my mac adress and use Tor then make an account on amazon and make an e-mail with the person's name (I use to create e-mails) because tor/socks 5 ask me to validate hotmail with a phone and that's not good for opsec) and another for the fake person that is supposed to receive the card (in reality, me) but when I wanna go cash out the card I received an e-mail saying my gift card I bought got cancelled and then I get banned from amazon and cant make accounts with names similar to the person anymore

If you really want to insist on exchanging information for something worth then at least shoot me a PM with the answer and I'll buy a card from you even vouch granted your method allowed me to buy amazon gift cards, I definitely do not forget my allies
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