How To Create Jabber & Configure OTR


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Hello carders!

In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a Jabber account on a Safe XMPP server, and configure OTR (Off-The-Record messaging) to enable safety and privacy while communicating with others and doing your business. Its very crucial for anyone who respects his and others safety.

As ICQ stores every single line of text you send on their servers for eternity, allowing law enforcement to snoop and read all your dirty messages and build evidence on you. Always use jabber, and always have OTR enabled. Why make cops lives easier by having everything ready for them?

First of all, there are alot of free xmpp (jabber) servers out there, ones which are secure, and ones which are not. And there are servers run by law enforcement too, hoping you will register and use their server so they can record and snoop into all your chats, biggest examples are,,,, etc. Using a secure jabber server is crucial.

How to find a secure jabber server? The server must be located in off-shore destinations, like Russia, Ukraine, China, Panama etc. My personal favorites are,,,

Alright, so lets start!

(1) Step one. Download Jabber Client.
My personal favorite is Pidgin. Its an opensource, bug free, easy clean interface client that affords ICQ, Jabber and all other protocols.

(2) Step two. Download OTR plugin.
Now this is the Pidgin Plugin which Encrypts your chats.

(3) Step three. Create Jabber account
Once pidgin has been installed, and OTR plugin has been installed on your client, its time to start your Pidgin client by double clicking on the Icon created on your Desktop, and follow the steps pictured below.

(4) Step four. Configuring OTR

Go to Tools and click on Plugins, and proceed to the new window that opens.

Scroll down to the middle and find Off-the-Record messaging, and follow the steps

You have successfully created yourself a jabber account, and configured your OTR, ready for safe and secure conversations! Welcome!
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