In store pickups all day -- Help wanted


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help out a fellow carder, will anybody pm me with a legit cc shop, ive been using Jstash for a long time but if im not mistaken (maybe its just me?) but the site seems to be down, ive tried my computer and all 3 phones and im getting nothing on any of them. and even if it comes back i realized its a bad idea to rely on 1 site for cards considering this is now how i survive and make a living. in this industry nothing lasts forever...Ive used rescator before but there bases arent updated frequently enough imo, threres so many scammer shops around its near impossible to find one thats worth investing in, especially considering most of them want an initial deposit of like 100 bucks or some shit. ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Also, i am able to do instore pickups from anywhere in western washington, if that is of use to anybody. And i am a trustworthy person to workwith which anybody who decides to work with me will come to find out. theres enough money out here for all of us to eat,

-wen its us against "them" why are you going to try and rip your own kind?-
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