Jabber - Best anon way of communication


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Hello, today i'm gonna teach you how to make Jabber account
best anon way of communication

step 1

-download 'Pidgin'
(type in google 'download pidgin'
download and install it.

step 2

download 'otr plugin for pidgin'
(type in google 'Pidgin OTR' /download and install it )

step 3

create your jabber account , I would like to recommend @exploit.im
how to do that -
in your pidgin menu, click on 'Accounts' --> 'Manage Accounts'
and then press on 'ADD'

Login option -
protocol: XMPP
username: (chose your username)
domain: exploit.im
resources: (leave empty)
password: chose your password
remember password: (that's up to you)
then press on-
connection security: use encryption if available
hit the check box for: Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted steams
connect port: 5222
connect server: exploit.im
file transfer proxies: proxy.eu.jabber.org
after that click on 'PROXY'
proxy type: use global proxy settings

hit the check box for: CREATE THIS NEW ACCOUNT ON THE SERVER then press on 'ADD'
its will show some - Register New XMPP Account
there already will be username which you chose/ and password, just press on 'Register'

After that just press again on 'Accounts' and you will see there your new jabber account, just enable it .
After that pres on- 'TOOLS' --> 'Plugins'
and look for - 'OFF THE RECORD MESSAGING' --> enable it.
then press on 'Configure Plugin'
press on 'generate key'
hit the check box for everything what you see there and job done.

Be safe!
Contact me for more information
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