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Hello friends. maybe anyone interested in this method. so welcome

And no.. not the in-app purchases.
1. You can only do this one time per person (meaning, address, credit card/payment method, etc)
2. The price does not matter.
a. First time I did it I went low and only did an iPhone 6s Plus but I?ve had friends do $3k+ Macbooks and there?s services on MPGH that do upwards of $5k.
3. Do NOT turn on your product once you receive it or open the package until you receive your refund.
a. If you turn it on before your order has been refunded then your refund may be revoked as they can see that. Apple is the manufacturer. Don?t do it.
b. Not opening the package isn?t necessary but recommended in case, say something goes wrong ? we can fall back on it, send it back in and get a refund. This never happens but it?s better to be safe than sorry!
1. Look on for something that you want. Refer to requirements if you have any questions about what you can or can?t get. Don?t do Apple Watches though ? they?re not worth it and I always see with people offering this as a service not to do Apple Watches.
a. Further, they?re not that expensive. When you refund a large item, just buy one with that money.
2. Purchase the item.
3. The item will require a signature. Contrary to Amazon shipclaiming we don?t need to sign with a fake name. Don?t be worried ? just get the package like normal, nothing has to be done on your end, you simply need to sign for the package like you would any other package that required it.
4. Refund it.
Refunding Apple will consist of using the empty box method. The difference between using it here and with Amazon is this replaces the ?Never Arrived? in terms of its success.
1. (optional) Give Apple a pre-call meaning you call, give them all your information and after that just casually hang up or justify a reason for getting off the phone. Similar to Amazon they now have a call logged.
2. Give Apple a call and provide all the required information. Once done, they will ask what the issue is.
i. Tell them that you were just on the phone with a representative and they told you they were going to process a refund for one of your orders because when you got the box there was nothing inside of it.
ii. If you want, you can say that the shipping box had the retail box for the item you bought but inside that (IE the Mac box) there was only a few cords (power cord, ect) or something.
b. If you didn?t give them a pre-call:
i. Your retail box was empty
ii. (optional)
1. It had only some cords in there
2. Had only the instruction manual
3. (depends on the product)
3. They will tell you that they will ?investigate it? and some procedural things but it will result in your receiving your refund.
Now, it can take 5-7 business days for you to receive your refund. It can take anywhere from 24-48 hours to receive the refund confirmation email.
It took me about 3 days after I received this to get my refund in my bank. I got this about 24 hours after I called.
If You?re Contacted by The Carrier
All you have to tell them is that you threw out the packaging and you told the Apple representative you spoke to this. That?s it. There?s nothing else that needs to be said.
If Contacted by Apple
Stick to your story but make sure you explicitly tell them that you threw out the packaging already.
In my own personal experiences, I?ve never been contacted by either party. I?m not saying it doesn?t happen because I know it does. Don?t get cold feet you just stick to your story, you threw out your packaging and you already told Apple this.
Again, to reiterate, make sure you understand the requirements, the most important being not to turn on the product until refund and only one per person. If you wish to do it again you need new IP, new payment method, new address etc.
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