Software For Carding

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Firefox - yes, the very browser that everyone who surfs the Internet will need, will increase your anonymity and security on the network, a lot of possibilities, it’s not for nothing that Tor, Antidetect and other software has been created on the basis of firefox.

Notepad ++ is a text editor that is always on my PC, very convenient when working, as soon as I have a new PC, no matter Mac or Windows, I download this test editor and always work with it, you can write and not save anything, if suddenly your The PC will turn off from stopping the power supply, for example, all data will be saved in a text editor.

KeePassX - software for storing your passwords, do not forget that the same password cannot be used a second time, on each site you need to use a new password, here is an example of what your password should be: G4gdf40F ($ @ 1dgLD

Tor Browser is a well-known tor, without it, do not go to some forums that only work on the tor network, they also use to buy drugs and other illegal goods.

CCleaner is an indispensable software that every PC user needs, no matter whether you are engaged in dark business or not, everyone will need this software, cleans your cookies and garbage on your PC.

Vbivotron is a program for imitating manual text entry, I recommend everyone to download who is engaged in carding, some antifraud systems block because of what you copy / paste the full text.

Veracrypt - encrypts your data so that outsiders will not access it without a password. Something like an electronic safe, where you can store any files and be sure of their security, to decrypt your files will take years, if by the password you use another file, then nobody can decrypt your container.

VMware Workstation - virtual machine, virtualization software, PC emulator, OC inside your OS.

Proxifier is a client for proxy, it is also not replaceable for carding.

Bitvise is a program for SSH tunnels.

OpenVPN Protector - protection against a sudden disconnection from the VPN so as not to burn your ip, some vpn clients already have built-in software.

Jabber + OTR - messenger for anonymous communication, many people use this software to work, just use the cryptographic protocol OTR to encrypt your correspondence from third parties.
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