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t’s nor a secret that right after making enroll address changes not in every bank. I know one only – direct merchants. Bank Databases should be updated, servers should be rebooted. By my experience was founded that in first for example address changes (marked by capital letters, ZIP has had 9 digits) in 3 am (by Moscow). But there are a lot of another banks with their difficulties.

And if earlier digit adding to ZIP and letter size changing (sometimes ZIP was changed at all or streets name or town) was a signal for shopping-time now it’s far from reality. It was told about in the letter from first during changing addres in Chase card (enrolled by first). It was told in it that your inquire on billing address changing received and will be finished in 2 working days. Addres was already changed.

Another bank for enrolling – ###### (#####) *. Neither letter size, nor zip don’t change at after retyping but you can do the shopping already on the next day.

Good banks where you can choose type o alerts: by email, by phone, by post. If you’ll remove all and leave only email alert you can avoid some difficulties. Also these bank’s cards will be alive longer and will bring more pleasure to you.

P.S. So don’t be lazy try to explore and observe new banks! )

* the message was edited according to the desire of colleagues as bank still alive and it’s no this fate to accept first’s dying.
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